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Performance Pain: To LIKE or not to LIKE

Posted by Raj Kashyap on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We have agonized over excruciating SQL performance pains. Some of them defy elegant solution. Some don’t seem to go away, like a persistent migraine. Sometimes, the problem is a specific type of query that is always slow. This type of query is typically used in stored procedures, executed by several applications and batch processes. The performance seems to get drastically degraded as the table grows over time. Oddly, it has worked fine for some time in the past and nothing in the SQL itself has changed. Moreover, it is always fast when embedded in front-end applications. So, why is it slow when it is in a stored procedure? more…


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Ordeal: Strongly Typed DataSet Connection String

Posted by Raj Kashyap on Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When designing Strongly Typed DataSets, Visual Studio’s designer wants you to specify a database Connection String, which is then shared by all TableAdapters for database connectivity. The connection string gets stored as a read-only property in the Application Settings configuration. You cannot change it at run-time if you want to connect to a different data source. In the real-world, even the simplest application needs to connect to different data sources – development, test and production. While we certainly need the RAD and IntelliSense benefits of using strongly typed datasets during development, we also need the ability to change the connection at run-time, whenever we need to. Here we shall see how to work around this inadequacy. This is Ideal Ordeal. more…

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